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Hard drive data restoration and recovery for PC and Mac




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When you notice files disappearing or becoming corrupted, frequent crashes, your Windows or Mac based computers failing to start up, or your external hard drive is no longer recognised then it is possible your hard drive is failing.Hard drives can develop bad sectors or bad storage areas on the delicate magnetic surface of the disc which typically get worse over time, so taking action now before your valuable files are gone for good is crucial.

We make use of the best data restoration software, techniques and recovery tools available to recover or restore as much of the data from a failing/damaged hard drive as possible. With your data safe and sound we can then transfer this onto a new hard drive or another suitable storage device.

Want to make sure your data is safe and haven't noticed any problem so far? All we can say is, it's only a matter of time. Hard drives can fail at any time and so having a backup system in place is money well spent. Data that doesn't exist in at least two different places simply doesn't exist!


  • Professional data recovery at a great price
  • File system repairs possible for PC and Mac
  • Great prices on replacement hard drives
  • Fixed price no matter how long it takes us!
  • No Recovery - No Fee policy!


  • Easy to understand explanations for all faults
  • File system repair if required
  • Full hard drive SMART test and scan
  • Free pickup and delivery (for offsite repairs)
  • Optional replacement hard drive.


  • Full data backup and transfer for a fully function hard drive $65.00
  • Data restoration and recovery service - $90.00 per hard drive
  • Mac and PC file system repair - $85.00 per hard drive
  • Full hard drive scan and preventive scan - $65.00 per hard drive
  • Secure data deletion - Delete your private files securely $65.00 per hard drive
  • Time machine or Windows based backup software installed and configured $85.00
  • iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro hard drives replaced and upgraded from $90.00
  • PC notebook hard drives replaced and upgraded - all models from $90.00
  • Broken external drive USB connectors replaced and repaired - all models from $65.00
  • Password recovery, PC BIOS, OS-X passwords, Zip file passwords and more from $75.00


  • Windows based desktop and notebook PC's
  • Apple Mac computers running OS-X
  • Internal notebook hard drives SATA and IDE
  • Internal desktop hard drives SATA and IDE
  • All external USB or Firewire hard drives


  • Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 for an additional $220.00
  • Memory upgrades starting at $75.00 including installation
  • External 1tb hard drives from $169.00 including Time machine or Windows backup setup.
  • Macbook / Macbook pro 500GB 7200 RPM internal hard drive upgrades from $169.00 incl Installation.


  • My hard drive is making clunking mechanical noises and is no longer recognised, can you help?
  • When a hard drive begins making clicking, clunking or grinding noises it may be too late to recover data from your hard drive. These types of noises usually means you have either an electronic or mechanical fault which in most cases is too expensive to repair. We are more than happy to take a look for you. If we don't recover your data you don't owe us a cent!
  • I have an external hard drive which no longer appears on my Mac's desktop is this drive dead?
  • That is one possibility however hard drives that are not un mounted or ejected properly can fail to mount under the OS-X operating system. File systems issues and bad sectors on the hard drive can cause these problem's in some cases. We can certainly help you with any and all of these possible issues.
  • I would like to set up Time machine on my Mac to make sure I don't loose data what do I need?
  • For those who haven't heard of it, Time machine is an excellent backup utility found in on the Apple Mac operating system OSX , it was introduced in OSX 10.5 and does a great job of transparently backing up your system software and personal files. In the event your hard drive fails, you will have an easy to re-install backup ready to copy to a new hard drive.

    To answer your question you will need an external USB or Firewire hard drive devoted for use with Time machine (ie: you cannot store other files on this drive) , and the Time machine application correctly setup depending on your needs. We recommend at least a 500gb external hard drive for use with Time machine.
  • A friend did a scan of my hard drive and mentioned I may have 'Bad sectors' on my hard drive what does this mean exactly?
  • Lets start by explaining what a sector is. A sector is a basic unit of storage on a computer hard drive. If you imagine a sector as a pie shaped slice of the entire disk surface this may give you a better mental image.

    Basically a bad sector is an area of the hard drive the computer hard ware and software can no longer read or write data to reliability. The operating system will usually re-map data stored on bad sectors onto good sectors in an effort to keep your computer running smoothly and to avoid loss of data.

    When bad sectors are detected this is a good indication its time to backup your data and re-install a new hard drive.Hard drive drives can in some cases chug along with a small number of bad sectors, however doing so is risky if you value your data.
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