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Notebook graphic processor reworking / replacement service




  • PC
  • MAC


Certain models of notebooks produced by a range of manufacturers including but not only HP, Compaq, ASUS often have a design flaw which, over time can present a range of symptoms ranging from lines and graphical artifacts appearing on the LCD screen ,no display on start up, blue screen crashes, non functional wireless cards followed by complete failure in some cases.

The issue is caused by poor internal cooling design combined with the more frequent use of high end graphics processors or (GPU's) which can generate a lot of heat inside your notebook. Over time this heat causes the tiny solder joints connecting the GPU to fail which in turn causes the various problems outlined above.

The basic process of reworking the graphics involves the use of a special reworking machine to accurately reheat and re-bond the GPU to the main circuit board of your notebook. GPU's can also be replaced if found to be faulty using the the same methods. It is also possible to replace other main board / logic board components such as ,north bridge/south bridge chips and BIOS chips.

If you are noticing blank screens on start-up yet still hear the notebook start-up sounds or chimes, lines and graphic corruption on the LCD, or have suffered from random blue screen or shut downs during normal use then you may have a GPU/main board that requires attention. We can rework and replace the GPU and a number of other supporting components quickly and professionally fully backed by a 3 month return to base warranty.


  • Save on expensive main board replacements
  • Professional and fast GPU reworking
  • GPU replacements available
  • Other components replaced where required
  • 3 month guarantee*


  • Diagnosis and detailed internal check**
  • GPU reworking and full testing
  • Supporting component replaced if required
  • Free pickup and delivery (for off site repairs)
  • Modifications to ensure cooler running

*GPU rework services are guaranteed for 3 months. Conditions apply. Full terms and conditions are available here.

** Internal checks and tests are priced at $75.00 which is absorbed into the final price if you decide to accept the service quote.



  • Windows based desktop and notebook PC's
  • Apple Macbooks, Macbook pro


  • Reworking / Component level repair service for PC notebooks start at $199.00 
  • Reworking / Component level repair service for Apple notebooks start at $269.00  
  • Initial diagnostic and internal check $75.00 - Absorbed into the final price if you accept our quote.
  • NVIDIA GPU (without onboard memory) $75.00
  • NVIDIA GPU (with onboard memory) $85.00
  • Southbridge and Northbridge chips $65.00
  • BIOS chips $45.00


  • I have heard that there is a element of risk involved with GPU reworking is this true?
  • Yes. With all major repairs there is an element of risk involved. Electronics do not like heat and on some older notebooks the process of reworking the GPU can cause other components to fail. We have successfully repaired many notebooks and have a low failure rate however there is always the possibility the GPU or other components can fail if extra cooling precautions are not followed. We strongly recommend the use of a notebook cooling pad with all modern notebooks and avoiding using them on soft bedding which can block the cooling fans and overheat your notebook.
  • Why do you charge a non-fundable testing fee?
  • GPU repair's are very time consuming and the initial checks can be lengthy. This fee covers our technicians time and ensures we can continue to offer this service in the future. If you decide to accept our quote, this fee is absorbed into the final price. We will certainly let you know if we feel repairing your notebook is a not a cost effective option and will not waste your time and money.
  • I have an XBOX 360 with the classic ring of death error. Is this a similar fault?
  • YES. It's very closely related. The NVIDIA graphics chip and a few other components are prone to failure and this is generally caused by heat build up. In most cases it may be better to replace than to repair.
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