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A clean operating system install for Windows and Apple OS-X




  • PC
  • MAC


There may be a number of reasons why you may need to re-install a Windows or Apple OS-X operating system. Often it's because your operating system has had a recent serious malware infection, or has suffered file system damage that can often be time consuming to repair. A sure fire way to revisit that 'new computer' feeling is to completely re-install your operating system. If you have already backed up your personal files then and simply require us to professionally install Windows or OS-X for you, then this is the service for you. If you need a full back up then please take a look at our OS Install + Backup service.


  • Your computer will run like new once again
  • Faster, safer peace of mind computing
  • Deep rooted problems removed in the process
  • Commonly used programs installed for you
  • Money Back Guarantee**


  • Clean operating system re-installed and setup
  • Commonly used programs and apps installed
  • FREE pickup and delivery
  • Optional operating system upgrade/downgrade

**Conditions apply. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.


  • PC computers running Microsoft Windows
  • Mac computers running Apple OS-X
  • Desktop and notebook PC's
  • Desktop and notebook Mac's



  • Can I downgrade my system from Windows Vista to Windows XP?
  • In most cases yes. However many notebook and desktop manufacturers will not provide Windows XP device drivers (the software that makes your individual components function) in which case we would need to locate these for you at additional cost. The other complication is finding a legal copy of Windows XP to purchase since these are becoming harder to find.
  • Will I need to re-install my programs and applications?
  • In most cases yes. Windows users will need to re-install any purchased or free software previously installed from the original DVD or downloaded install programs since transferring your old programs onto your clean system is unreliable and not recommended.

    Apple Mac applications can be transferred in some cases due to the way Mac applications are stored in OS-X. In many cases we can transfer your applications into your new system without issues. Larger application suites such as Adobe CS4 are best re-installed from the original DVD's.
  • I have iTunes installed. Do I need to de authorise this before you re-install?
  • Yes. If have been using iTunes to purchase and download music, video or other content from the iTunes store then your system would now be authorised to play those purchases. It is a good idea to de authorise your system prior to any major upgrade to avoid having multiple authorisation's. We recommend reading about this in more detail on the Apple web site.

    We highly recommend de authorising any commercial application or program that employs a similar software protection scheme such as Adobe CS4, CS5 to avoid licensing issues when re-installing this software on the freshly installed operating system.
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How to pay HOW TO PAY

Payment by bank deposit, cheque or cash on completion of the service is just fine.

We will provide you with a tax invoice/ receipt on completion of the service with our bank details provide on the lower portion for your convience. Please read our payment information for more information

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